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the L&S volumes can currently be found at the following fine vendors...

Albam Clothing, London
Alder & Co, Portland, OR
Anica Boutique, San Francisco, CA
Bananafish Books, Shanghai, China
Bird, Brooklyn, NY
Bugs & Megs, North Fremantle, Western Australia
Birch Books
Chelliswilson, Portland, ME
Cow Books, Tokyo
Fog Linen Work, Tokyo
General Store, San Francisco, CA
Greenlight Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY
Kapok, Hong Kong
Jumelle, Brooklyn, NY
Keibunsha, Tokyo
Klala, Tokyo
Landscape Products Co., Tokyo
Marlow & Sons, Brooklyn, NY
Modern Love, Frenchtown, NJ
Napa Books, Helsinki, Finland
Nouvelle Nouvelle, Vancouver
Ofr., Paris
The Old Faithful Shop, Vancouver
Patina, Tokyo
Reform School, Los Angeles, CA
Renegade Handmade, Chicago, IL
The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh
Saffron, Brooklyn, NY
Skylight Books, Los Angeles, CA
The Stables, Hirosaki, Japan
Standard Bookstore, Osaka City, Japan
Utrecht, Tokyo
Welcome Home, Glasgow
Yebisu Art Labo For Books, Nagoya, Japan